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Food Workstation

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Country of Manufacture Taiwan
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This is designed to give independence, convenience and assistance with day to day kitchen tasks. It is ideal for those who have difficulty in gripping or have only one hand available. The clamp can grip all sorts of food, bowls, jars or bottles and is easy to operate; the stainless steel spikes hold bread, fruit or vegetables in place for peeling or slicing; the brush allows one handed cleaning of fruit & vegetables; the grater & slicing box can be mounted on the board; high corner guards prevent the bread from moving when being buttered. Four non-slip suction cups prevent the board from moving on wet surfaces.

Key Features

*The clamp can hold a variety of items including bowls, jars, and bottles.
*The stainless steel spikes hold fruit and vegetables in place for peeling or slicing. In conjunction with the brush, the spikes allow one handed cleaning of fruit and vegetables.
*The mounted box has both grater and slicer attachments.
*High corner guards prevent bread from moving while being buttered.
*Non-slip suction cups under the board prevent the board from moving on wet and slippery surfaces.

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