Patient Care at Home

No other place except home feels like home. This statement has always been true, be it when you return from a trip or from a yearlong stay in different city or few days in a hospital. It has always been proved right that an individual tends to recover fast when he/she has all the loved ones around to take care and shower love upon them which constantly reminds them that they have to recover fast to enjoy all the happy moments with the family and live every bit of their life without any compromise.

Taking care of an individual who’s not keeping well or is aged, should be an enjoyable experience for both caregiver and the individual themselves. At one point of time in life every individual need someone to take care of them, maybe not by compulsion but by unfortunate happenings or due to certain circumstances. When it comes to looking after an individual at home and at hospital, both the experiences stand at different ends of the scale. There will be many people in hospital to look-after an individual and the responsibilities are equally divided, where one person takes care of medications while the other monitors the health record and the later takes care of physical help which a patient or old-aged person requires. But when we look at the other end of the scale wherein, we consider taking care of an individual at home, here all the responsibilities lie on the shoulder of one person or a maximum of two. Even if one manages to hire a full-time nurse, again entire responsibility lies on one person now. This isn’t an easy task to handle. Maybe taking care of a person at home is a good idea for providing mental support and love to them but when it comes to handling responsibilities of that patient it’s a tedious task. Hospitals are always fully equipped with every essential medical equipment based on the kind of patient an individual is, whereas when it comes to having all the equipment at home, it isn’t impossible but it isn’t completely possible either. The space required for the patient, the capital investment, providing time to look after a person all the time, all these consume a lot from an individual caretaker.

motorized wheelchair

With current evolution in every field, there’s a lot of improvement happening in medical science as well, from medicines to equipment and surgical instruments as well. There are new and innovative medical equipment in the market to help for the well-being of an individual.

Homecare beds, motorized wheelchairs, emergency alarms, patient lifters and many more are in market to help both patient and caretaker as well. Homecare beds are necessary for a person, who spend lot of his time on bed due to immobility or bed-rest. These specially designed beds ensure a soft and well cushioned bed for a comfortable sleep and side rails for patient safety in order to prevent the patient from falling over in their sleep. Homecare beds are provided with electric controls to adjust the bed for a comfortable position when necessary. Most of them also have inbuilt alarm systems which behave like an emergency call when in need.

To sum it up, homecare bed is an essential equipment for every patient to provide all the comfortability and to make them feel at home.

Home care beds - Rehamo

As we discussed above there are lot of medical equipment for the care and betterment of a patient. Patient lifters and emergency alarms are among them too. Patient lifters are very essential when it comes to carrying or moving a person from one place to another. It isn’t an easy job to lift an individual and move them from one place to another manually since it requires a lot of physical strength from caretaker. Patient lifters come to rescue in such situations as these devices are highly safe and requires less of physical effort to move the patient. Patient lifters help in safe transfer of an individual from one place to another with zero risk factor.

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Emergency alarms are another form of medical equipment which are used to keep an eye on the patient when caretakers are not available near them, to ensure their safety. Many families have old-aged people who might be suffering from Alzheimer’s or weakness and patients who need a lot of physical assistance which one cannot provide 24/7 with their work schedule or because of small kids at home. In these situations, using an emergency alarm system is recommended. Most emergency alarm systems provide an immediate call access for the patient when they need some assistance. Some emergency alarms even track the movement of patient as well.

Emergency Alert systems- RehamoEmergency Alert systems- Rehamo

These medical equipment have reduced a lot of physical work of an individual and their mental stress as well by assuring complete safety of a patient. In present scenario where every individual is a working person, these equipment along with a caretaker have reduced half of their burden and have given a sigh of relief as well.

Motorized Wheelchairs- Rehamo

At Rehamo, we aim to provide all the necessary medical and rehabilitation equipment to make sure that a complete recovery is possible with home care. Speedy recovery is always something one expects, be it an individual who’s undergoing treatment or a person who’s taking care of a patient. If one recovers fast with all the treatment that’s provided, this recovery brings back the smile on every family member’s face including the joy of recovery for the patient. One cannot be happier than getting back to the life they used to lead, after all the trouble they have been through for a certain period of time, that joy is unexplainable in words by anyone. Sometimes, the doctors recommend family members to take patient home for better improvement and fast recovery. This method has been proven effective since years with the provision of right medical treatment and equipment facility. Hence it is always advised to provide right care and treatment for every patient with lots of love in a homely environment for their betterment and well-being.