Care for Special Needs Children

Every individual is unique and extra-ordinary in his/her own kind. The term special needs, is a phrase which can refer to a vast array of diagnoses and/or disabilities. Children with special needs may have been born with a syndrome, terminal illness, thoughtful intellectual impairment, or serious psychiatric problems. Other children may have special needs that involve struggling with learning disabilities, developmental delays, panic attacks or anxiety issues.

Special Needs Children Care - Rehamo

“Children with special needs” are the ones who may have challenges which are more severe than the typical child, and could possibly last a lifetime. These children will need extra support, and additional services. They will have distinct goals, and will need added guidance along with constant care and help meeting academic, social, emotional, and sometimes medical milestones.  Person with special needs may need lifetime guidance, extra care and love, along with support while dealing with everyday issues such as housing, employment, social involvement, and finances.

For children with special needs, early intervention is an important step towards helping the child fulfil his/her full academic, emotional, and social potential. Early intervention refers to a process during which the developmental abilities of the child are evaluated. If necessary, a program is developed that contain services that will help to further enhance the child’s developmental skills and encourage developmental growth.

Care for Special Needs Children - Rehamo

Typically, families with special needs are on a lifetime journey that is both emotionally and financially challenging. Families of children with special needs may experience innumerable emotions upon diagnosis, including anger, grief, loss, and denial. It is important to remember to be patient with oneself, as these emotions are a natural part of the process.  With time comes acceptance, and then you and your family can focus on beginning the process of helping your child with special needs achieve their fullest potential.

Having a caretaker who takes care of the special needs is a necessity in the present living style of family, as no one is free in the daily run to take care of a person 24*7. 

There are many other ways one can take care of a special need person, taking extra care, providing them with extra assistance while we guide them towards their betterment, sensory integration rooms (called snoezelen). Snoezelen is a special room with therapeutic environment created for the express purpose of delivering high levels of stimuli to patients with developmental challenges. A private room displays optical illusions with combined lighting effects, aromas, colours, textures and sounds to stimulate a person's olfactory, auditory and gustatory systems.

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With all the necessary requirements available in one stop, we at Rehamo provide all the requirements such as caretakers and every single equipment which helps towards the betterment of the needy. We are here to help you anytime. Because all we want is one to have a better life and enjoy every bit of it.