Breathe Easy with Air Purifier

A shocking revelation by AirVisual, the leading source of international air quality data said that India is home for 20 of the worlds 25 worst polluted cities. This was indeed alarming to an extent that the government of India launched the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) under the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change in January this year. The severity of the air pollution can be judged by the fact that 12.5% of the total deaths in 2017 were accounted to air pollution.

In Indian cities 80% of the population is exposed to air pollution that exceed the WHO’s standards. A major part of this air pollution is all year around, from burning of diesel, petrol, gas, coal, biomass, and waste and resuspended dust. The particle size, less than 2.5 micro-meters, is small enough to enter our lungs and blood stream and cause lung disorders. There are more studies linking PM 2.5 to various health risks than any of the other pollutants. So, if we target PM 2.5 the one pollutant we are mainly concerned then we are invariably targeting all the other pollutants as well. Therefore, any control mechanism aimed at reducing PM 2.5 emissions also reduces other pollutants as the source of these pollutants are common, except for resuspended dust.

Well ventilated homes are the best way to battle pollution. It is found that indoor air is 10 times more pollutant than the outside air. This is because the air inside is a combination of outside air plus the domestic pollutants. Inhaling the high quantity of carbon dioxide present in the house would result in shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness, loss of mental ability, blood pressure and lung diseases.

Air purifiers are a decent solution to this indoor pollution problem as it cleans the air of carbon dioxide and makes the air more breathable. Also, air purifiers are more effective in killing insects than the sprays that add to the pollution at home. Clean air contains higher level of oxygen which helps in better function of the brain and also acts as a mood enhancer. People who breathe cleaner air are less stressed. Air purifier is also the answer for the airborne virus and bacteria. An air purifier not only produces clean air but also a soothing sound that almost hums you to sleep. There are certain purifiers that circulate the air up to six times a day. Circulating the air in the home will free dangerous particles from surfaces allowing the purifier to trap them in their units.  Air purifiers are capable enough to detect air pollutants real time and boost the speed accordingly for a cleaner air output.

In conclusion air is free to breathe but breathable clean air comes at a cost,Hence invest in a good air purifier. A cost that is well invested for a healthy life of the family.