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  1. Patient Care at Home

    Patient Care at Home

    No other place except home feels like home. This statement has always been true, be it when you return from a trip or from a yearlong stay in different city or few days in a hospital. It has always been proved right that an individual tends to recover fast when he/she has all the loved ones around to take care and shower love upon them which constantly reminds them that they have to recover fast to enjoy all the happy moments with the family and live every bit of their life without any compromise.

    Taking care of an individual who’s not keeping well or is aged, should be an enjoyable experience for both caregiver and the individual themselves. At one point of time in life every individual need someone to take care of them, maybe not by compulsion but by unfortunate happenings or due to certain circumstances. When it comes to looking after an individual at home and at hospital, both the experiences stand at different ends of the scale. There will be many people in hospital to look-after an individual and the responsibilities are equally divided, where one person takes care of medications while the other monitors the health record and the later takes care of physical help which a patient or old-aged person requires. But when we look at the other end of the scale wherein, we consider taking care of an individual at home, here all the responsibilities lie on the shoulder of one person or a maximum of two. Even if one manages to hire a full-time nurse, again entire responsibility lies on one person now. This isn’t an easy task to handle. Maybe taking care of a person at home is a good idea for providing mental support and love to them but when it comes to handling responsibilities of that patient it’s a tedious task. Hospitals are always fully equipped with every essential medical equipment based on the kind of patient an individual is, whereas when it comes to having all the equipment at home, it isn’t impossible but it isn’t completely possible either. The space required for the patient, the capital investment, providing time to look after a person all the time, all these consume a lot from an individual caretaker.

    Handling a wheelchair patient - Rehamo

    With current evolution in every field, there’s a lot of improvement happening in medical science as well, from medicines to equipment and surgical instruments as well. There are new and innovative medical equipment in the market to help for the well-being of an individual.

    Homecare beds, automatic wheelchairs, emergency alarms, patient lifters and many more are in market to help both patient and caretaker as well. Homecare beds are necessary for a person, who spend lot of his time on bed due to immobility or bed-rest. These specially designed beds ensure a soft and well cushioned bed for a comfortable sleep and side rails for patient safety in order to prevent the patient from falling over in their sleep. Homecare beds are provided with electric controls to adjust the bed for a comfortable position when necessary. Most of them also have inbuilt alarm systems which behave like an emergency call when in need.

    To sum it up, homecare bed is an essential equipment for every patient to provide all the comfortability and to make them feel at home.

    Home care beds - Rehamo

    As we discussed above there are lot of medical equipment for the care and betterment of a patient. Patient lifters and emergency alarms are among them too. Patient lifters are very essential when it comes to carrying or moving a person from one place to another. It isn’t an easy job to lift an individual and move them from one place to another manually since it requires a lot of physical strength from caretaker. Patient lifters come to rescue in such situations as these devices are highly safe and requires less of physical effort to move the patient. Patient lifters help in safe transfer of an individual from one place to another with zero risk factor.

    Patient Hoists- Rehamo

    Emergency alarms are another form of medical equipment which are used to keep an eye on the patient when caretakers are not available near them, to ensure their safety. Many families have old-aged people who might be suffering from Alzheimer’s or weakness and patients who need a lot of physical assistance which one cannot provide 24/7 with their work schedule or because of small kids at home. In these situations, using an emergency alarm system is recommended. Most emergency alarm systems provide an immediate call access for the patient when they need some assistance. Some emergency alarms even track the movement of patient as well.

    Emergency Alert systems- RehamoEmergency Alert systems- Rehamo

    These medical equipment have reduced a lot of physical work of an individual and their mental stress as well by assuring complete safety of a patient. In present scenario where every individual is a working person, these equipment along with a caretaker have reduced half of their burden and have given a sigh of relief as well.

    Motorized Wheelchairs- Rehamo

    At Rehamo, we aim to provide all the necessary medical and rehabilitation equipment to make sure that a complete recovery is possible with home care. Speedy recovery is always something one expects, be it an individual who’s undergoing treatment or a person who’s taking care of a patient. If one recovers fast with all the treatment that’s provided, this recovery brings back the smile on every family member’s face including the joy of recovery for the patient. One cannot be happier than getting back to the life they used to lead, after all the trouble they have been through for a certain period of time, that joy is unexplainable in words by anyone. Sometimes, the doctors recommend family members to take patient home for better improvement and fast recovery. This method has been proven effective since years with the provision of right medical treatment and equipment facility. Hence it is always advised to provide right care and treatment for every patient with lots of love in a homely environment for their betterment and well-being.

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  2. We are One!!

    We are One!!

    Today, Rehamo achieved a major milestone in our endeavors – we celebrated our first anniversary.

    Rehamo Anniversary

    We are proud of all the things we have achieved in this one year and are excited to see where our journey takes us!

    In this short period of time, we were able to help a lot of people get inspired, overcome their challenges and start a new life. We sincerely hope to continue doing the same for many years to come. 

    All of this is possible only because of the hard work and dedication of our team. Thank you Team Rehamo :)

    Team Rehamo

    Team Rehamo

    Team Rehamo

    Team Rehamo

    Team Rehamo

    Team Rehamo

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  3. Challenges in Patient Handling

    Challenges in Patient Handling

    Taking care of a substantially ill person is not an easy task when it comes to everyday routine. It involves a lot of patience, dedication, time-investment, expenses, mechanical equipment’s, safety procedure etc. to name a few.  Patient handling is a topic of concern for patient, their family members as well as the caretaker because life of an individual is significant. From keeping a check on the medicines to the right provision of medical facilities, everything has to be taken care of and one has to make sure it is provided rightly to a patient. For many patients who are physically not capable of moving from one place to another, one has to ensure everything is provided right at the place where they are resting. Movement of such patients from one place to another at necessary situations is a point of concern as it involves a lot of physical strength of an individual who’s carrying them as well as risk of dropping the patient or hurting oneself. Safe patient handling programs reduce the risk of injury for both healthcare workers and patients while improving the quality of patient care. Manual handling of patients can usually cause acute trauma such as cuts or fractures due to accidents. Work-related low back pain and injuries are the most common musculoskeletal disorders caused by manual handling which might happen to both the patient as well as caretakers.

    Patient transfer from wheelchair to bed - The pivot maneuver - Rehamo

    To avoid all such hustle and fuss of moving an individual from one place to another with lot of risk factors, there are a lot of medical equipment that have come up in the market. To be honest it isn’t easy to sit in one place and spend your whole life, every individual irrespective of their abnormalities have the right to go see the environment outside their four walls. Sitting in one place helplessly and doing nothing is frustrating and leads to mental breakdown as well. There are many ways to keep a person lively. Taking them out for a small site-seeing on a wheelchair or taking them out for a drive etc. These are few examples which will make a patient happy and helps them forget about their state of body and lets them enjoy life maybe for a moment but a smile on the face for a little while is worth all the efforts. One does not wish to be born with irregularities or mental instability or end up in such situation due to a mistake which they did not intend to do. 

    Patient transfer using Patient Hoist - Rehamo

    Caring for an individual with physical challenges or mental uncertainty is a hard task like we discussed before, but it isn’t an impossible task either. With help of proper medical facilities inclusive of medicines, equipment and surgical assistance there’s a chance that one can get over their situation of helplessness and dependency or at least let them reach a stage where they can help themselves at the most they can.

    Patient care - Rehamo

    Manual assistance for a physically challenged person is hard work, it requires a lot of physical strength and 24/7 assistance cannot be provided all the time, even though we consider the option of a caretaker, they too need a break for few minutes. With a restless caretaker, there’s always high chance of something going wrong. To avoid such mishaps, considering the usage of medical equipment along with caretakers is a safe option, since they provide 100% physical support and also help in keeping an eye on patient. With improving technology there’s something new coming up everyday for the better care of a person which is highly necessary. To name a few, there are patient lifter’s, automatic-wheelchairs, electric beds with in-built alert buttons in case of urgency, and many more. All these medical equipment reduce half of caretakers work as well as lets the patient help themselves which encourages them towards betterment. Providing such help in the present scenario is a necessity as it lets the patient feel guilt free of troubling someone and also reduces the burden from a caretaker’s shoulder.

    Personalized consultation - wheelchair - Rehamo

    Many medical equipment and devices are quite costly since they are not manufactured in India as the technology here is still under developing stage. Hence most of these have to be imported from different parts of the world depending upon their availability and area of manufacture which is going to be a lot of capital investment. As we now know that quite a lot of medical equipment are not available here, and we assume that an individual manages to import it from another country then there’s another problem lined up, that’s the knowledge of handling the equipment correctly. Not every caretaker or a family member who’s taking care of the patient is rightly experienced or educated to use a new medical equipment, thus proper training is essential. To ensure proper care and provision of facilities there’s a lot of betterment required in country when it comes to medical help in terms of facilities as concerned. Medical council of India has to come up with new strategies to train caretakers with every new equipment coming into market and also has to make sure they have enough tie-ups abroad to import essentials at an affordable cost.

    Considering all these problems of importing equipment and other challenges, Rehamo Rehab and Mobility Concept store has started the first ever concept store focused exclusively for rehabilitation, mobility, and home healthcare products and services in India. We aim to provide the customer a complete experience about solutions to health challenges by educating them about various ways to solve the problem. We work with various international brands and NGOs to provide the best class service for those who are challenged making sure they have everything right that’s necessary, from the medical equipment to the best trainers for using the equipment so that nothing goes wrong while using an equipment keeping in mind the patient as well as the caretakers safety in concern.

    Rehamo showroom - Rajajinagar, Bangalore

    Like our Vision states, “To improve hope, by providing access to a quality life led with dignity” we make sure we provide excellent services to customers and ensure they have no trouble in finding the necessary gear. Since we have tie-ups with many international brands it is more like an advantage wherein an individual does not have to struggle to find the right kit and wander around to import the kit from an international dealer. We ensure customers get the right equipment at the right time of need with complete guidance and door-to-door service at regular intervals to make sure that the devices are  working correctly without any issues. Along with provision of necessary medical equipment Rehamo also ensures to provide well-trained physiotherapist, prosthetist, orthotist and nurse in-house as well. These trained personnel are and will help the customer to get educated in their respective fields. Not just the care of a physically challenged individual or a mentally unstable individual, we also provide care and services for old-aged people as well as mother and baby care too.

    To know more about the store and experience the products, we invite you to visit us. We are open Monday to Saturday 10 am to 8:30 pm. We will make sure that you will have a brand-new outlook on the healthcare sector and its future in India after the visit :)

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  4. Rehabilitation – ideas and views in India

    Rehabilitation – ideas and views in India

    Rehabilitation in India

    Rehabilitation is a broad and vast area of medical and healthcare field which is concerned with restoring an individual's ability to work and enjoy life as a "normal" (as we all know, normal is a very subjective term in healthcare) and healthy individual. This is typically after he or she has experienced a traumatic experience in their life - be it physical such as accidents and other injuries or mental such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or depression.

    But in India, the term "Rehabilitation" is used in a very limited sense - at least by the general public.

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  5. CME on Obstructive Sleep Apnea

    CME on Obstructive Sleep Apnea

    Continuing medical education

    Rehamo, in association with Philips India held a Continuing Medical Education session on Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and its effects on daily life. 

    Talk by Dr. Sushant Khurana

    The event was held at Fairfield Marriot Hotel in Rajajinagar, Bangalore on 4th of August 2018.

    It was headed by Dr. Sushant Khurana, MBBS MD, Clinical Head - S & RC Philips India Ltd.

    Many case studies of patients with OSA and related conditions were studied and analyzed. The main focus was to understand and educate the causes and solutions to these conditions.

    Case studies

    More photos:



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  6. Workshop and hands-on - with ZevA Healthcare

    Workshop and hands-on - with ZevA Healthcare

    Rehabilitation in India

    Rehamo, in association with ZevA Healthcare conducted a workshop on bathroom aids and transfer aids.

    The workshop featured a talk by Mr. Pragnesh Shah, who has extensive experience in assisted living aids and is also an international consultant.

    Various challenges faced were discussed. Some of these include:

    • Proper hygiene for bathroom aids

    • How to make bathroom safer by using anti-slip pads and mats

    • Preventing fall injuries for the elderly and providing physical support such as grab-bars

    • How to properly transfer a  bedridden patient 

    • Injuries that can happen during patient transfer

    The event was held on Rehamo premises and was attended by physiotherapists, doctors and others from the feild of rehabilitation healthcare.


    Workshop on bathroom aids and transfer aids Workshop on bathroom aids and transfer aids Workshop on bathroom aids and transfer aids Workshop on bathroom aids and transfer aids Workshop on bathroom aids and transfer aids Workshop on bathroom aids and transfer aids

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