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Bauerfeind Malleotrain

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MalleoTrain relieves ankle pain and swelling during sports and everyday activities. Knitted ankle support incorporating an anatomically contoured silicone insert behind each ankle bone. Silicone inserts leave ankle bones pressure-free and provide intermittent compression to the soft tissue of the joint, leading to increased circulation, thus aiding in the reduction of swelling and edema. Promotes proprioception, thus heightening sensory awareness in the ankle for increased joint stabilization. Anatomical knit carries controlled compression graduated at the edges to prevent constriction of circulation. Lightweight, breathable knit will not retain heat and is completely machine washable.

Key Features

• Graduated compression - compression gradually gets lighter towards the ends. Improves circulation and relieves muscle and joint soreness
• Three-dimensional knit - constructed to conform to the natural shape of the ankle so it fits snugly yet comfortably against your body and stimulates circulation
• Contoured viscoelastic cushion - soft pads behind each ankle bone helps to reduce pain and swelling

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